Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Playing the Blame Game

It's out in full force. We've blamed everyone for the offensive struggles from the offensive line, wide receivers, water boy, you name it. But now it seems Tom Brady is being blamed for the struggles. Obviously it's not pretty and yes Brady has had some ugly passes this year. However I can't put the blame on him or any particular unit itself. The line has been off and wide receivers have struggled so far. The offense is just off as a whole so far.

 I think the line will get things figured out once chemistry is developed but the receiving core is a different story. Amendola is just space at this point and Brandon Lafell looks lost. I haven't heard glowing reports on Lafell and thus far I see why. Aaron Dobson has talent but he can't stay on the field and even when he is you wouldn't know it.

I know I sound negative but based off what we've seen thus far and past history it's concerning to say the least. As ugly as the line has been they've had injuries, shifted guys in and out, etc. Struggles will happen when those things occur. One has to wonder if maybe the offensive line has been the beginning of the problems and the rest of the offense crumbles as a result? It's certainly going to make life difficult with Brady getting killed a good portion of the game. 

 If things don't change soon, it's time to look at making some moves. People have been talking about the possibility of Richie Incognito but if things continue to be this bad at receiver you have to wonder if the Patriots will explore some kind of move before the deadline. 

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