Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brady and Amedola Issues

To this point Danny Amendola's Patriots career has been a disappointment. Injuries have taken their toll, and it seems like his time off the field has ruined any chemistry he and Tom Brady once had. Credit to Ben Violin for pointing these out. As they say a picture says a thousand words. Lets have a look below...

This was a pass play that went to Julien Edelman. As you can see, Amendola is circled above. You can also see that he's wide open for either a huge play or probably a touchdown. 

In this image Brady has Amendola wide open over the middle. Instead he forces it to Rob Gronkowski in double coverage.

Again, has Amendola over the middle but this time goes deep and again incomplete.

Now I understand Brady has a hard time getting on the same page with a receiver after a rough start, but he has to make this work. Amendola is far from perfect but you can see from these images he's getting open. If Brady's favorite receiver really is the open one then he needs to start throwing to it. I can't see Brady letting a personal issue getting in the way of the team's performance, but I don't think he's went blind all of a sudden either.  Seeing these images is pretty frustrating, but if we see it I doubt Bill Belichick will miss it. Hopefully its something that gets straightened out soon.

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