Sunday, September 28, 2014

Patriots Quick Hits

So it's Sunday and our boys aren't on..Not to sound ungrateful but it's just not the same. It still if the NFL though so I'll be content today with my red zone channel. Now lets talk Patriots, I'm gonna give you guys some quick thoughts so we can get back to watching some football.

  • Sealver Silga has been placed on temporary IR. Temporary is different from the usual season ending IR list, meaning after about eight weeks or so he can return to the team. Hopefully he makes it back because the Patriots can ill afford to lose him. Even if they do manage to get along fine without him this leaves the line extremely thin now if another injury occurs. Football gods, please have mercy this year on our Patriots. It's really frustrating watching key pieces to the roster go down each and every year.

  • Oh that Offensive Line of ours.. It seems the only news we've heard is bad news all season. Fortunately this Monday it appears Bryan Stork will be getting the start at Center. The only issue is there appears to be a "question" as to who will handle LG duties all night. Now look, I didn't jump on Bill Belichick at the time for making the Logan Mankins trade and I wasn't going to suddenly do so when a young line was struggling out of the gate as young lines tend to do. However, for there to be uncertainty at a position that was solid going into the season when you already had improvements to make on the entire line is inexcusable and if things don't get right it's arguably one of Belichick's worst moves going into the season. So far the player in return has been a ghost (Tim Wright) and the offensive line has gone from a question mark to a horror show. If Wright  ends up contributing little to this team all season or in the future, I fail to see where this trade has made the Patriots anything but worse in the short or long term. You have to be kidding me if Belichick thought the line in this current condition would be better without Mankins.
  • That's all for now, hope everyone enjoys this NFL Sunday!

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