Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Jets wont go quietly

Look, I hate the Jets as much as the next Patriots fan. But too many times I've seen an inferior Jets team give the Pats trouble. Remember the 2007 "revenge" game against the Jets? Not quiet the beat down folks thought it would be.

I fully expect the Patriots to defeat the Jets, but I'd be surprised if the Jets and Rex Ryan who knows this will probably be the last time facing this team, will go quietly.

Injury Update: Dominique Easley on IR

Its been reported that the Patriots have placed Dominique Easley on Injury Reserve.

Its pretty dissapointing news for the rookie. Not only was his impact minimal, although that is common with rookies. More concerning is that Easley had injury problems in college and to see him start out on IR is pretty discouraging. One can only hope this doesn't turn into another potential injury riddled first rounder

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 AFC East Division Champions

To think we started this season with a beat down in Miami, followed a few weeks later by an embarrassing loss on MNF to the Chiefs.

The job is far from done, but the Patriots have conquered the East yet again and it couldn't have been clinched against a better opponent this season. The once promising 2014 campaign  has ended in soul searching mode yet again for the directionless organization that is the Miami Dolphins.