Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things suddenly don't look so bright for Aaron Hernandez

By now you've probably heard the news with Aaron Hernandez and if not I'll fill you in. His lawyers are seeking medical records from the Patriots, to be more specific "psychological testing, medication records, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, drug or alcohol abuse-related records, other medical records, physical therapy records, scouting reports, and investigative reports."
I believe this leads to one strategy, a mental plea of some sort. You see, I never thought of it before but think about it..Hernandez or any football player have one huge advantage on their side: Concussions.

 I have little doubt his ridiculous actions will be portrayed as a result of the "many, many injuries throughout his NFL career." His side will pound this issue into the ground, and why not? I would too if I was his lawyer. When this all started unfolding it was based on a lot of speculation, no evidence, etc. However the one thing I do believe the Feds will use against him in this case are statements from others.

 Also, I'm not sure if you're aware but ever since they nabbed El Chapo....I mean Hernandez, At least THREE people connected to the case have been killed not only this but considering him talking about the case with other desperate inmates willing to snitch to reduce their own time, his latest assault case and the recent murders I don't exactly think Hernandez has made his lawyers job any easier.

 We'll see how things play out but I think the prosecutors have much more ammo on their side then before

Friday, June 13, 2014

Patriots Aggressively Changing Their Style

As the New England Patriots watched the Seattle Seahawks toy with a Broncos offense that just two weeks before steamrolled the Patriots for 60 minutes something was clear. The day of the read and react defense was behind them. If this team wants to win Lombardi number Four they need to become an aggressve, attacking defense. So far Bill Belichick seems hell bent on doing that. The past few season he had made additions among the defensive front, and this season with first rounder Dominique Easley, free agent Will Smith just to name a few. In the Secondary the Patriots added Revis and Browner, giving them the ability to play more Man Coverage which will give the front 7 more change to attack.

 The thought of all this should make any Pats fan ooze with anticipation as we wait for the season opener. Tom Brady's time is coming folks, in case you haven't noticed. It would be nice to see him go out with a top defensive unit in his last years. He could use another Super Bowl, or two.

 I also like what the Patriots have done to add depth to the defensive line. Going into last season the thought of losing both Wilfork and Tommy Kelly would make me think we were finished. But with Chris Jones and and Joe Vellano doing an admirable job filling in the Defense survived. Just think about that...Five big bodies ready to sub in and out for each other. Last but not least, If he makes the squad James Anderson should be a valuable piece in coverage for the line backing core.

 This Defense has the potential to be better then it ever has, I truly believe that. It's time for Belichick to make that happen.

Josh Boyce showing signs of life?

According to espn Josh Boyce is making progress,

As the article says while it's way too early to get excited over an ota session it's encouraging to hear of Boyce's progress.

 We did see signs of Boyce making plays last year, he seemed to catch on later in the year before he was hurt. If the pats can get a true 1-2 punch out of Dobson and Boyce this offense could truly be explosive once again. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update on Wilfork, Gronkowski and Mayo

To think the Patriots lost these three players in one season and reached the title game truly impresses me. Here's the latest updates:

According to the Boston Globe, Gronkowski has been running around at OTAs making the needed cuts, plants, etc. Coming off his type of injury one cannot help but be encouraged by this news

 Vince Wikfork has been probably the biggest question mark due to his age. But according to multiple sources he's participated in half of the OTAs and plans to increase his work load throughout the summer. No one is quite sure one about  their status for training camp but it does look possible that both could be ready to go for the season opener.

  Jerod Mayo has also been a full participant in OTAs. The fact that these guys are up and running right now is very encouraging. I'll be keeping a close eye on this so ill definently keep everyone posted.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kevin Williams Visit the Patriots on Thursday 6/5/14

According to's Greg Rosenthal, Kevin Williams visited the New England Patriots on Thursday. The visit comes after Williams was publicly saying he wanted the Patriots to call him (Source)

"Williams told USA Today that he hadn't previously heard any interest from New England, so it's quite possible that his public plea led to this visit. It's a perfect fit for both sides. The Patriots love to sign quality veterans looking for a ring. The team also needs depth and bulk on their defensive line. The Pats are too shallow at defensive tackle, especially if Tommy Kelly and Vince Wilfork can't regain their previous form.
The Patriots might not offer Williams a big contract, but they would present another chance for a career that included a lot of losses in Minnesota."
Story confirmed here
Kevin Williams Highlights from his Vikings Days