Monday, September 8, 2014

An honest look at the Miami Meltdown and what the Patriots need to do about it

So after yesterday's meltdown it seems that quite a bit of Patriots Nation is in full blown panic mode. As I wrote in yesterday's Blog, there are certainly questions that need to be answered with this team (I'm looking at you, O & D lines..) but it's too early to have a full blown panic attack and I'll give you my reasons why...

  • Going into the game the Dolphins we're hyping their new look offense. Keep in mind that their new offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor, was the same guy calling plays for an explosive Eagles offense last season. Although Vince Wilfork says that nothing confused the Patriots defense, one has to wonder if the different feel of a new offensive attack took the Patriots by a bit of a surprise. 
  • This is more of a personal observation and I'm sure some will disagree, but I am starting to question if Wilfork is the same guy at stopping the run. Although losing him didn't help matters last season, they were still having trouble containing the run with Wilfork in the game. Yesterday the defensive line was getting pushed around almost all day long. I'm not ready to write him off yet but I'm starting to get concerned considering his latest injury and current age.
  • The Wide Receivers need to step up. What a surprise, another season and we're talking about Tom Brady's weapons. Aaron Dobson is hurt yet again and Brandon Lafell had a performance to forget yesterday afternoon. I still think Lafell will have a decent season this year (the question is will it be enough) but Dobson's constant injuries are starting to become a problem. If Dobson doesn't pan out that will make things sketchy yet again at receiver. Kendrell Thompkins looked good yesterday but has yet to prove to be consistent, Rob Gronkowski didn't play all of preseason and it's obvious he still has some rust to shake off. Outside of Julien Edelman there's no sure bet at receiver for Brady at the moment. It's time for the new/younger guys to prove themselves.
  • OL/DL...Hopefully Bill Belichick doesn't go into next week with musical chairs as part of the game plan. The Offensive line needs to get things right and they need to do it fast. If this turn style crap along the Oline continues so will the offensive struggles. The defensive line might want to consider going more 4-3 this week. The Patriots have always adjusted their Defense rather then play one set style and I expect this week to be no different. Although you would normally go 3-4 for the run, if the defensive line continues to struggle with 3-4 gap assignments I think going more of a one gap, attacking 4-3 style would help out. 
That's all for today, hopefully the team has put Miami behind them and is ready to take out some frustration on the Vikings this weekend.

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