Friday, January 23, 2015

The Real Cheater

Lately, Richard Sherman has been running his mouth about Tom Brady. Calling him classless, a cheater, etc.

I find it ever so funny that a guy  who has been caught using PED says this.
Oh, you didn't know or you forgot right? Because the media loves Richard Sherman..And they wouldn't possibly call him out on his bullshit for long.

In fact, the very team that the Patriots face this weekend, the Seahawks, have had 7 players caught with PEDs. Yet all the media does it go after Patriots.

On the current Seahawks roster Sherman and Bruce Irvin are big contributors for the Seahawks, yet no one seemed to care that this team uses performance enhancing drugs. I wonder why this is? It's obvious to anyone who's paying attention.

So how about instead of throwing stones while living in glass houses we focus on the game?

Just a quick thought to start your morning......

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