Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Good and The Bad As We Enter The Playoffs

 With the Patriots off this week, we have plenty of time to go over the team heading into their playoff game next weekend. We don't know who they'll be playing yet but that's fine. For now lets take a look at the state of the Patriots and see what's good and what's not so good.

Good: The passing game has really taken off as the season went on. Brandon LaFell may not be a superstar but he's a valuable receiver for this team. Unlike in year's past where Brady had fewer options this offense makes up what it lacks in talent for versatility. At any time Julien Edelman, Rob Gronkowski or Brandon LaFell could be the featured target. This gives the Patriots more of the versatility they had in their Superbowl years rather then their one sided attacks that haven't done so well in the playoffs. This is great and all but it depends big time on....

Bad: Unpredictable Oline. This unit improved through out the season, however to end the season they were less then impressive. This could be due to a line that simply needs a rest, going through a bump in the road so to be speak. Or this could be the undoing of this team. Yes, the defense of the past few years have not been impressive. But in every game they have lost one thing has been the same: Tom Brady getting pummeled. If this unit shows up and keeps Brady up right and the running game strong this team will not lose in the playoffs. If they don't, they will once again be manhandled physically as we've seen all too much the past few years. It's time the Patriots change this, and this team has the chance to do it.

Good: Stronger Defense. Its been awhile, but the Patriots finally have a defense they can turn to in tough situations. Brandon Browner and his flag happy self scares me as much as the next guy. But when this unit is on, it's on. It's great to see the draft picks from the past few years being some of the biggest drivers behind the unit's success. Having Chandler Jones back is huge because hopefully he can help pump up a pass rush that's been flat for the last month of the season. Speaking of...

Bad: Late season pass rush. Chandler Jones and High tower missing time did little to help this unit. Having them back should obviously be a boost. But if this unit remains flat..We're going to watch a result similar to Green Bay where the secondary didn't play bad but the pass rush was non existent. IF this unit along with the secondary is on however, this team could straight steam roll opponents.

Well folks, playoff time is finally here and I'm just as excited as the next guy. I've been horrible at updating my blog all season (I've have some other obligations this year unfortunately) however I will do my best to keep everyone posted through the playoffs.

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