Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Us Against The World

Patriot fans it's time we realize something

In case you haven't noticed whenever this team loses the media jumps all over them. Belihchick is done and Tom Brady needs to retire, the Patriots cheat, Belichick is the devil and Tom Brady kicks puppies (OK, I haven't heard the media go that far but you get the drift).
Yet while this team wins in dominating fashion and while Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are literally in the midst of a postseason run that could seal their place in history as the best the media avoids this and talks instead about them cheating. Oh you didn't remember that did you? Bill Belichick has become #1 on the all time playoff victory list. Tom Brady just surpassed Joe Montana for all time leader in postseason touchdown passes. But yet all ESPN and everyone else wants to talk about is the ball pressure being too low. It's one thing if it was an obvious factor. But we're talking about a team that hasn't challenged New England since Manning left. We're talking about a team that had 60 minutes to feel a game ball that if it was truly so flat that it effected their play said nothing. The Colts were so dominated by LaGarette Blount that he almost had the same dominating game he had a year ago.And yet people are really questioning if the Patriots cheated? 

Let me tell you folks something. You better believe if the Patriots lost Sunday we wouldn't hear a damn thing about the game balls. Instead we'd hear how average the Patriots are and how their time is over. I remember hearing more negativity after the Patriots lost in freaking October then I've heard positive things after them winning in January. Why is this? Because the media hates Bill Belichick. They're tired of him, and they want him gone. They will do everything they can to destroy him and little to praise him. If you don't realize this by now then I don't know what to tell you.

You know what's funny about this story? The same team complaining (the Colts) was accused by the Steelers back in 2005 of pumping fake crowd noise into their dome which gave them a nice home field advantage. Guess how much the media brought this up? They dropped it like a rock because they didn't want to bad mouth their buddy Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning.

Look, I love writing and my family has a history of working in the journalist field. But anyone who knows the media knows that they have agendas. If you want to let them convince you this team is less then great, if you let them  literally strip all the joy you have of this team going to the Superbowl then so be it that's on you. But I refuse to do it. I stand behind this team win or lose, and I stand behind this team even when the media wants to do everything they can to destroy them.

If you're a Patriots fan you better realize this. It's the Patriots against the world.
You can either accept this or you can go root for teams like the Seahawks, Colts, Broncos, etc. that the media loves and praises to death, I see local New England writers even joining in on the witch hunt, and they're only doing it because they desperately want your page views. Yet these same writers will criticize Bill Belichick for not opening up to them and giving them slick answers. 

Patriot fans, ignore the media and stop letting it influence you. Your Quarterback is an all time great and your coach is so damn good they accuse him of cheating. Enjoy these days because there's not one NFL fan that wouldn't trade places with us in a second. Call me arrogant all you want. But there's a reason the media spends all the time they do talking about the Patriots and not the Buffalo Bills. 


  1. You just made my day my friend..Thank you

  2. Well said.. you made my day! Us patriots fans know the deal.. it happens all the time... those teams only wish they were like the patriots. I'll be a die hard patriots fan forever

  3. #patriotsfanforlife #hatersgonnahate

    Now let's forget about this nonsense.. Get hyped for the game and do what you do best WIN!,,

  4. Best educated article I've read about the Pats, thank you so much!

  5. Hell fuckin yeah! Ring 4 is fast approaching.