Monday, January 26, 2015

Patriots Return To The Scene Of The Crime

So at the time of me writing this it's 1:13 AM (a bit of a night owl, I know) and we're officially 5 days away now from the Superbowl. And I gotta tell ya, I can't ever remember a Superbowl that has the kind of coverage this one has.

If anyone can locate ANY footage of an analyst breaking this match up down for more then 1 hour please show me because I've yet to see it. It's like the talking heads discuss the match up for 10 minutes before getting into all the nonsense. Worse yet, whenever the Patriots are mentioned so is the whole deflation issue. Yet when the Seahawks are mentioned, the media has nothing but great things to say about this team. I've never seen a media such a fan of one team and so obviously venomous towards another. We get it, you hate Belichick because he doesn't give you the fun press conferences but at this point it's simply amazing how much disdain the media has for this organization. If the Patriots win the superbowl will they show the parade or will they go over ways the Patriots cheated?

 When you look at these two teams you see such differences personality wise. The Seahawks come off as loud mouth, arrogant young guns that need to be knocked back down a notch. The Patriots are actually less experienced then the Seahawks are with Superbowl experience on their roster yet the way some of the Seahawks players are acting you'd never know. Don't get me wrong, the Seahawks are a good team. But their downfall will be their arrogance, mark my words. It seems the only players that shut up and play are Russel Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

Seeing the Patriots get off the plane today  you could not only see it but almost feel it. This team means business. They're pissed that they've been questioned and their here to answer the call. Call me superstitious but I love the fact this team is staying where the Giants stayed before defeating the Patriots in Arizona, and I love the fact they're returning to the scene of the crime.

Before that loss to the Giants the Patriots were on the brink of cementing their legacy. Here they are again, maybe not with an undefeated season to finish but a legacy to cement.

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