Thursday, May 21, 2015

A look at Jimmy Garoppolo

Sometimes when there's disaster there is opportunity and right now we're seeing this first hand. Tom Brady's status for the first four games are questionable at best and now with Roger Gooddell making sure he's going to play a huge role in the decision making process it becomes even more of a question mark. So lets take a break from all the deflate gate talk and take a look at Jimmy Garoppolo.

Pros: He's mobile in the pocket. Probably the first thing that jumped out to me was just how mobile he was. One could maybe say he moves around too much in the pocket. However with his mobility he could gives defenders fits (as we see in the game film) Accuracy doesn't seem to be a problem either. On a number of plays he was able to put the ball in tight spaces. He loves playing in the shot gun which is big for our offense. He has a quick release and excuse me for sounding ESPNish  but the dude can make some plays. He keeps the offense at a good pace.
Cons: He needs to be a little more patient in the pocket. His delivery needs work as well, you can see there's sometimes where balls are easily being batted down. This is something that can hopefully be fixed with the right coaching. You hear about QB's improving their throwing motion all the time. Honestly I didn't see a lot I didn't like (there's not much film but from whats out there he looks promising)

How was he in college? He kind of reminds me of a Joe Flacco. A solid player who played at a mediocre program. If Joe Flacco had played at UM instead of Delaware he probably would of received double the hype coming out of college. Jimmy Garopplo tore it up at Eastern Illinois but that's the thing. It's Eastern Illinois. So he's obviously going to have to prove he can step up to NFL level competition.

It will be an interesting first four games folks, stay tuned.

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