Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Far From Finished

,Exactly as the title says, the 2015 New England Patriots are (hopefully) far from finished this off season.
There's still pieces left in free agency, and the NFL draft of course.
So lets take a look at the biggest moves made so far in Free Agency...

Revis, Browner, Wilfork, Vereen gone
Scott Chandler,Jabaal Sheard,Travaris Cadet added
 Gostkowski, McCourty re-signed/franchised

Obviously it's great to have McCourty back. I'm interested to see what Sheard will do in this defense however I am really concerned with the defensive line at the moment As of right now you have nothing but an often injured draft pick coming off injured reserve that we're depending on at DT. We have depth along the DL but little to no starters. This will hopefully be addressed. At corner you went from top 3 to huge question marks. Do we start Logan Ryan? If so who plays the opposite side? These are key factors in the 2015 campaign. It's a little scary for Pats fans to think about going from Revis and Browner to complete question marks but such is life in NFL Free Agency.

The Patriots recently hosted corner backs  Terence Newman, Tarell Brown, Bradley Fletcher and Robert McClain. Pretty interesting choices, none that particularly excite me but we'll see how it works out.

I'll be keeping you more up to date through out Free Agency

(By the way, it's good to be the champs)

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