Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things suddenly don't look so bright for Aaron Hernandez

By now you've probably heard the news with Aaron Hernandez and if not I'll fill you in. His lawyers are seeking medical records from the Patriots, to be more specific "psychological testing, medication records, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, drug or alcohol abuse-related records, other medical records, physical therapy records, scouting reports, and investigative reports."
I believe this leads to one strategy, a mental plea of some sort. You see, I never thought of it before but think about it..Hernandez or any football player have one huge advantage on their side: Concussions.

 I have little doubt his ridiculous actions will be portrayed as a result of the "many, many injuries throughout his NFL career." His side will pound this issue into the ground, and why not? I would too if I was his lawyer. When this all started unfolding it was based on a lot of speculation, no evidence, etc. However the one thing I do believe the Feds will use against him in this case are statements from others.

 Also, I'm not sure if you're aware but ever since they nabbed El Chapo....I mean Hernandez, At least THREE people connected to the case have been killed not only this but considering him talking about the case with other desperate inmates willing to snitch to reduce their own time, his latest assault case and the recent murders I don't exactly think Hernandez has made his lawyers job any easier.

 We'll see how things play out but I think the prosecutors have much more ammo on their side then before

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